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As much as I love to travel, I can’t just drop everything and hop on a plane these days. I was lucky enough to be able to plan my lady and I an incredible honeymoon in Thailand recently, but other than that I haven’t been overseas since 2012 (*sigh*).

That’s why I was so excited when I heard from the guys at Tripeasel, asking if I’d become one of their “travel experts”. Check out this video to see what Tripeasel is all about…



Just in case you’re not into videos, Tripeasel’s tagline is “Personalized, authentic and affordable travel experiences with a social impact, which definitely made my ears prick up.

The way it works is you decide on a location and give Tripeasel an idea of what kind of trip you’re after, then they’ll hook you up with their most appropriate travel expert for your destination (hopefully me) and the planning begins. In their words,¬†“from exploring local culture, activities, and cuisine, to transportation and accommodation, our travel expert will plan every aspect of your vacation.”

Once the trip is all planned, you have the option to either take your itinerary and book the trip yourself or have Tripeasel do the booking for you. They do this through local travel agents at your destination, ensuring where possible that money spent stays within the local economies.

I’ve planned three trips for Tripeasel so far and I’ve loved every minute of it. Okay so maybe jealousy is a more prevalent emotion than love when I’m planning these trips, but I really do love doing it. It’s my chance to live vicariously through the customers, so whether I’m planning someone’s honeymoon in Maui, an unexpected month in Brazil, or a quick and dirty trip to Peru to take in Machu Picchu and a local religious festival, I plan each of these trips with all the care I’d put in if I was experiencing them myself.

If I can’t get paid to travel, the second best thing must be working as a travel planner… Right?

I think so.



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